Food Safety

In the midst of the Covid-19 global pandemic, the focus on hygiene practices is at the forefront of many industries.

Food safety is everybody’s concern, although the virus is not spread through food, it is important to know that Wild Peacock Products follows strict food handling and hygiene practices. 

Over and above our normal food safety practise we are ensuring the below:

  • Temperatures are taken of all staff before any one is allowed into the warehouse, any staff members with temperatures above 38 degrees, the staff member is sent home. 
  • We have placed sanitisers dispensers at all the entrances to our facility, and staff have to sanitise their hands before entering.  
  • Our deli has been temporarily closed and no member of the public is allowed into the facility.
  • Our staff compliment has been capped at a maximum of 50 staff members allowed in the facility at any given time. Staff movement has also been restricted by department and social distancing is constantly reinforced. 
  • CONVID 19 Awareness Training has been conducted with all staff.
  • In addition to our standard company PPE, the staff have been issued with daily facemasks that are worn at all times and a personal 70% alcohol gel sanitisers.  
  • Cleaning and disinfecting of both food-contact and non-food contact surfaces is constantly reinforcing –  We are monitoring the efficacy of hygiene and cleaning procedures by frequent swab testing of surfaces which is useful in validating the efficacy of our cleaning procedures.

Any deliveries of stock into our warehouse are strictly controlled by the below:

  • The person delivering is to sanitise their hands by the receiving entrance and step into the boot sanitiser, before entering inside the receiving bay. Social distancing during the whole delivering process.
  • The Wild Peacock receiving personnel make sure they sanitise their hands before handling the consignment, along with sanitising all surfaces on department. 
  • The goods are then offloaded and the receiving personnel will disinfect the crates and the boxes with a SABS approved Food Safe Sanitiser before checking the consignment and making sure the food is not cross contaminated with the sanitiser.

Our drivers have been trained on how to deliver goods to customers:

  • Our drivers are supplied with disposable gloves and a mask on a daily basis. Along with having sanitisers in their vehicle, which is to be used before and after each delivery. 
  • Our drivers have been instructed to practise social distancing when delivering customers’ orders, we have instructed our drivers not to share their pens, to further reduce any contact.