Our commitment and responsibility towards our staff, our suppliers and customers has never been stronger as we face the COVID-19 pandemic on home soil. 

Our company mission has always been to Provide Chefs with Quality Food Solutions, we are now extending this to the home user by doing deliveries straight to their front door.

The combination of businesses being required to temporarily shut down and people staying home has caused small local businesses to suffer. Some of this will be temporary, but some business owners will be forced to shut down for good. The government is doing what it can in terms of financial relief and other initiatives, but that can only go so far and for so long. 

Ultimately it’s going to be up to us, the local communities and customers, to support these businesses.

We have to preserve the unique character of all of our local restaurants, deli’s, wine farms and small hotels. This vibrant small business community is what is going to draw back the tourist to the Western Cape. 

Wild Peacock would like to challenge you to give your favourite local businesses a shout-outs on your social media channels, let them know we stand as one!