Boiron Fruit Puree –
Yuzu – 1kg


Yuzu is a citrus fruit from Asia with bumpy curves and tangy taste, halfway between grapefruit and mandarin and lime of which it is actually a hybrid. If its unique flavour is so sought-after, it is because it offers many facets while maintaining a perfect balance between delicacy and intensity. Its taste is powerful, with rich aromatic notes. Its fleshy and juicy texture is very refreshing, its colour is bright… It was therefore THE fruit that Les vergers Boiron needed to add to their range, so you can use it to infinity in your creations.




World leaders in the production of premium fruit purees, Les vergers Boiron is a family owned company that was started in the region of Ardeche back in 1969. They started trading the delicious, ripe fruit of the region, until Pierre Boiron saw a need in the market and created a state-of-the-art fruit processing facility for freezing the fruit at its best, sweetest and ripest, preserving the flavors, texture and freshness so it could be enjoyed year round. Today, they’re the biggest producers of fruit and vegetable purees, coulis and other products, with more than 70 flavors that are 100% natural, which inspire chefs, bartenders and creative cooks everywhere.