Imperial Heritage Caviar
(Italy) Imperial – 30g


The “Imperial” caviar is known for its delicate fresh flavour and nutty aftertaste, thanks to its perfectly balanced ripening (young ripening). It originates from the Siberian Sturgeon. The eggs are characterised by its splendid pearly shades. The “Imperial” Caviar is salted Mild Malossol.





Environmentally sustainable Caviar from various prized Sturgeon species. Fish are bred and raised in open lakes, fed by
natural mountainous streams and in an environment as close to the ideal as possible. Each stage of life of the fish, from the
very beginning till maturity is closely supervised. Roe is harvested and processed according to traditional Russian techniques,
ensuring premium quality and mouthfeel. Product is packaged immediately after the mild salting process or Malossol
(Russian term for “little salt” – under 3.7 % salt).


Imperial Heritage Caviar complies with the provisions of the Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) and each product is given a CITES control seal and a CITES number before being released for dispatch.