Isabelo 64% – Dark Chocolate


  • Valrhona and Wild Peacock have developed a new custom couverture exclusive to the South African market, in partnership with Isabelo Charity.
  • For every kilogram of Isabelo 64% Prue Togo chocolate purchased, €2 will go to the Isabelo Charity. This is enough to feed two children two meals in a day.
  • Packaging: 3kg Block




“Valrhona is a French chocolatier that has been providing exceptional chocolate since 1922.
Created by and for pastry chefs, Valrhona dedicates all of it’s expertise, high standards, and
passion to culinary professionals, making each taste an exceptional experience.

Chosen by the best chefs and confectioners worldwide for its aromatic range constantly
enhanced by innovations, Valrhona seeks to promote the gastronomic advancement of
mankind by offering a variety of chocolate flavors that are unique and recognizable and which
create ever-higher pleasure and wonder.

As part of an ongoing concern for dialogue and ethics, Valrhona relies on long-term codevelopment
relationships with planters and leading chefs, respecting both man nature.

A trailblazer for over 25 years, l’Ecole Valrhona invents, records, and preserves the knowledge
and techniques essential to all chocolate professions. Its pastry chefs criss-cross the globe
meeting with professionals to share know-how and expertise, driven by a boundless desire for
mutual enrichment.

With the creation of the Cite du Chocolat in 2013, Valrhona carried on this long-standing
commitment and continues to provide a unique and lively venue for those who wish to discover
the richness of chocolate and its applications. “

Additional information

Average Weight

3 kg

Storage Conditions

Store in cool place (between 13°C and 18°C) away from direct sunlight.