Saldanha Bay
Oysters – Medium
(50g – 69g)


Since the early 1950’s, Saldanha Bay has been recognized as a prime location for oyster culture. Its waters are rich in plankton brought in from the cold Benguela current on the unpolluted tides, making it a prime growing ground for the renowned Pacific oyster seeds which we nurture here with love and pride.

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Additional information

Storage Conditions

The oyster in its shell is a living animal and should be treated with care. Like any other fish or shellfish, it should be kept cool.

Store with the deeper cup shell underneath in order to retain the fresh natural juices, and cover with a damp cloth. Oysters can be kept alive for a few days in a refrigerator operating at 5-8°C but should not be taken in and out of the refrigerator.

Discard any oysters that are gaping, and do not close when tapped.

Average size per oysters

50g-69g per oyster