Sustainability, traceability and consistency are at the heart of everything we source and distribute here at Wild Peacock Products

When we purchase fish for example, we look at the suppliers accredited labels, such as ASCMSCFriend of the Sea, GLOBALG.A.P. or SASSI. All of our farmed seafoods contain at least one of these accreditations. We also look at whether or not the Fish In Fish Out ratios (FIFO: the efficiency at which the aquaculture converts a weight-equivalent unit of wild fish into a unit of cultured fish) are adhered to when sourcing farmed seafoods.

Sustainable fishing guarantees that there will be populations of ocean and freshwater wildlife in the future.

Consistency comes through in the availability of these seafoods, to ensure you are able to servethese items on your menus, and be specific about the species without having to worry about what you might get from day to day. Traceability is found through the sustainable farming of most of our seafoods right from the larvae form, to being delivered to your door, and whether there were hormones or antibiotics ever fed to 

the fish.


When ordering seafood from us, you can be assured that you’re making the right choices, because we’ve already made the background checks on your behalf.

As a business we ask ourselves ‘What will ensure the delivery of quality products and services to consumers?’ Not only are we talking about quality in the sense of perfectly constructed products. We are talking about quality products; the ones built with social, environmental and commercial impact in mind.

Businesses must serve as the champions of sustainability. 

Sustainability is created at the source of our products and services. It’s created when we know who we’re buying from and why we’re buying from them. 

As a business we are working towards ensuring that all of our external suppliers are aligned and committed to the same principles and values that we are.